Our Story

Nanny Rose is a Filipino brand established in 2010. We have been inspired by the available and abundant natural materials that can be used for personal care. We leap from this knowledge and source the best of nature to create products that care for us. By infusing time-honored remedies with meticulous recipe concoction, ensuring efficacy and safety, we hope to serve products that sweetly sweep you off your feet whist taking care of your well being.  


Making use of only the ingredients that are beneficial for us, you can be sure that each product of Nanny Rose is prepared and made with love 


*The Nanny Rose brand is exclusively distributed by Watsons Personal Care Stores (Philippines) and is available in Watsons outlets and SM Department Stores nationwide. 

Our View on Natural

We use a number of different products from head to toe throughout the day - soap, shower gel, shampoos and conditioners...lotions, hand creams and foot creams...bath, massage oils and so on. Just as we are now becoming more aware of what we eat and drink, consciousness on skin and personal care products is now also being practiced. There seems to be a heightened preference towards products that are fresh and natural, products that are "green" and healthy. 


Being green and healthy can mean different things to each of us. For some it can just mean shopping with your own reusable bag or preferring stores that offer biodegradable plastic bags.  For others it can mean consuming only organic-certified products and using only products that do not do animal testings. When buying skincare and personal care products, decide on your expectations - what benefits are non negotiable and what compromises you are willing to make. For some, preservatives and colorants are a no-no. For others, so long as the products contain some natural ingredients, then they're fine. Each view has it's pros and cons and you will have to decide on your own which items are important to you.


Most ingredients used in skincare are in some way processed to make them usable. In the Nanny Rose HQ, we choose ingredients that have the least amount of processing and those that can be used in their natural-original forms. Do not be frightened by random information you see on the internet that present everything in the most alarming light possible. Although environmental watch groups have important information that can be helpful regarding certain ingredients, always refer to official regulatory boards for legitimate safety precautions. More often than not, a small amount of safe synthetics need to be used to make products more functional and stable to last longer. This is especially true for our local climate. Our tropical climate is very much conducive to bacterial growth. So unless you like keeping your shampoos and lotions in the refrigerator, do not be afraid to use products that have been made to keep well. 


We hope that you find our products in line with your standards in celebrating nature and beauty!